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Originally from Dublin this award winning multi-instrumental duo write original songs that are contemporary and eclectic with a hint of Irish. Dave and Trish Long have collaborated as songwriters since they joined forces in Ireland back in 1984. With so many years working together their songwriting skills have combined to such a degree that their compositions are seamless. Audiences at live shows have commented on how in tune they are with each other, it has to be seen to be believed! This rare unity comes across in their recordings and can be noted in particular with the harmonious blending of their voices.

Over the years their music has become subtly different, a marriage of sounds and influences between the Northern and the Southern hemispheres 'the mist meeting the haze'. The resulting music has light, bright tones intertwined with the rich, earthy moodiness of their Celtic sound. Lyrics stretch from uplifting songs with themes of hope and love to songs that draw awareness to what is happening in the world in which we live. Instrumentation includes vocals, flageolet, guitar, sax, flute, recorder and sequencing

Sahara's reputation continues to grow internationally since the release of their 'Vision' and 'Sahara Live @ The Malthouse' CDs which have both received critical acclaim and ratings of three and a half stars in major publications. The success of these albums and the webcast of the 'Sahara Live @ The Malthouse' concert encouraged Trish and Dave to exit the security of the day jobs and take on the daunting task of bringing their concert on road around the greater part of Australia self financed and self managed. Many lessons learnt on this amazing journey. The album inspired by these years on the road was 'A New Beginning'. Some songs on this CD were influenced by major global events at the time which were both confronting and thought provoking. However we remain forever hopeful; whenever there is change there is a chance for a new beginning..

Sahara returned to the studio and recorded an album titled 'There is this place I go'. Songs written during a difficult period in our personal lives due to a major health issue. In 2012 Trish and Dave  re-recorded  'A New Beginning'  and in 2012 / 2013 recorded their latest album 'See all that's before me' which they released on 24th April 2014 following the release of their rock single 'Only This World'.


Sahara makes music history with Two No.1 Hits on the First Internet Charts 1997. 'Make My Day' was voted No.1 for 4 consecutive weeks followed by 'Ordinary Day' both tracks from Sahara 'Vision' CD. Soundclick was an international music charts where people could vote for their favourite acts thus making Sahara's No.1 a 'people's choice' award. Soundclick at the time was endorsed by CNN, The New York City Times and many more news sites across the USA and Europe. Dave and Trish were dubbed 'Cyber Stars' when interviewed for the ABC TV Evening News regarding this success.

Sahara composed the original music for an ABC TV Australian Story documentary 'A Track Winding Back' which received the United Nations Media Peace Award.

Due to popular demand the video of the 'Sahara Live @ The Malthouse' concert was webcast on numerous occasions on  the New York based CelticTV website. This resulted in Sahara releasing part of the soundtrack on CD which is available on iTunes, Amazon etc.

Sahara takes their concert on tour around Australia to great success with many sold out shows,  countless interviews and 'live to air' radio and TV performances.

* '2000 Concert Tour'

*'Music Without Boundaries Tour'

*'A New Beginning Tour'


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Sahara Blog

Feb 9th ____ Tuesday! :)

Feb 8th 2016 Happy Lunar New Year!!

Sahara 'Faces of The Orient'

"A world of mystery, a land of sages"

Feb 4th Sahara 'A New Beginning'

"And hope fills the air"

Feb 2nd Sahara   'Deja Vu'

(have we done this before??) :)

Jan 29th Sahara 'Listen To The Mother Cry'

"Oh, listen to the mother cry,

Watch her children born to die,

In a world full of sadness.

Oh, listen to the mother cry,

Look into her children's eyes,

Full of emptiness"

#peacetalks #unity #enough

Jan 27th Sahara 'Live Every Day'

"Life is so beautiful, live every day"

Jan 26th 2016 'Make My (Australia) Day'

"C'mon - make my day

It's not too late, To change our ways

People everywhere,

Let's make this world a better place to share"

#inclusion # diversity

Jan 20th  It's Official - 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history. That's one record we don't need to break in 2016....or ever!

Sahara 'Only This World'

"Do we expect this earth to last,

Through our destructive, greedy ways?"

Jan 14th Sahara 'I can't see the horizon'

Jan 12th 2016 Sahara 'The Road Less Travelled'

"Some day I'll look back in years to come,

Only then will I see all the things I have done..."

Jan 6th Happy 'Little Christmas' !! :)

01-01-2016 'Happy New Year'

Dec 25th 2015 'Merry Christmas'

Sahara ChristmasTree Cake for 'desert'

#edibility #enjoyability #dessert

Dec 22nd 2 sleeps to go before Rudolph's busy night!!

12-12-15 "Nothing more agreeable than an agreement!!" :)

Dec 12th "And hope fills the air"

Sahara 'A New Beginning'

Dec 10th Sahara 'Right The Wrongs'

#HumanRightsDay #UnitedOnClimate #COP21

Dec 9th Sahara 'Only This World'  'Home'


Dec 6th Sahara 'No money for the ride home'

"Slave to the dealers
Who took away their hope
Drained them of their money
Stole away their life
Now all they have for company
Is misery and strife"

Nov 30th Sahara 'Only This World' #Cop21 Paris #Climate Change

"Why put off to tomorrow, what we should do today"

15/11/15 'Thinking of You' now available on CD

Sahara 'Thinking of You'

"Many times I've felt lonely,

In many ways I've come through,

Through those darkest hours,

When I think of you"

Nov 13th - 2 Days to go to the 15/11/15 'Thinking of You' release!

Nov 8th Only one week to go to the re-release of Sahara's first album 'Thinking of You'. For the first time it will be available on CD on

15/11/15 to celebrate it's quarter century milestone!!

Nov 5th Sahara 'Vision'

"Hold on to that childhood story"

Oct 31st Happy Halloween!!

Back in Ireland the tradition was to have a Barm Brack on Halloween. This year Trish is in the kitchen baking a homemade Barm B_rack. As kids there was always the mystery of who would get The Ring. It was always hidden and yes we all wanted it, were willing to fight over it – one could say ‘precious’ memories. Depending on how the brack turns out – we could make a hobbit of this! :-))

Oct 25th On this day 1989 Sahara won their heat on 'New Faces' Channel 9 with their original love ballad 'Thinking of You'. We are currently remastering the cassette album 'Thinking of You' which was recorded in 1990 - 25 years ago!! We're hoping to have it finished before the year is hurry...plenty of time.... :-)

Oct 24th 2015 Sahara 'Let's UNite'

Oct 21st Sahara "No Money For The Ride Home"

Oct 15th Sahara 'We All Believe'

Oct 8th  "Consuming more and more and more each day"

Sahara 'Only This World'


and here's a poem (or a bit of it!)...

"... But answer came there none —

And this was scarcely odd, because

      They'd eaten every one."

'The Walrus and the Carpenter' By Lewis Carroll

Oct 4th Sahara 'Everytime I See Your Face'

Oct 1st Another sad day. 'Tears'

Sept 28th Sahara

'Let's UNite'

Sept 23rd Sahara 'Only This World'

"the future's not ours to borrow"

Sept 22nd Sahara 'We All Believe' :)

"Keep a little faith"

Sept 21st "International Day of Peace"

Sahara 'Let's Try Peace'

Sept 14th 'Vision' This day 1996 started recording our self financed independent CD 'Vision' in Melbourne - recording at night and weekends as both of us were working in offices. Approx. 51 hours to record and mix 13 tracks - nearly all performances first takes as we couldn't afford mistakes!!

An experience to say the least :)

September 11 'Tears'

Sept 7th "You see it everyday,

No you mustn't look away,

It's played out on your screen - open your eyes"

(Sahara 'Has it ever been any different before')

Sept 4th This day 16 years ago Sahara Live @ The Malthouse!!

Sept 3rd Sahara 'Where Angels Rest'

"White wings of mercy came to visit one day,
Brought me on a journey so far away"

Sept 2nd Sahara 'Only This World'

Aug 29th "The prophets and the wisemen have helped to light our way,

To see the new beginning at the dawn of every day"

Sahara 'A New Beginning'

Aug 27th Sahara 'Cry For Help'

"Is anybody listening to this cry for help?

I feel so alone, out here on my own"

Aug 23rd Sahara 'It'll Happen Soon'

"anything is possible"

Aug 19th "World Humanitarian Day 2015"

'Make My Day'

"People - Everywhere,

Let's make this world a better place to share"

Aug 17th Sahara 'Vision'

"Everyone has a dream, I have a vision"

August 16th Sahara 'No Money For The Ride Home'

"Once they were free

Now they're hooked on dope

Slave to the dealers

Who took away their hope

Drained them of their money

Stole away their life

Now all they have for company

Is misery and strife"

A few days ago while driving home, we were shocked to come upon the scene of a tragic fatal accident on a road we use most days. It had only just happened. The look of horror and dismay on the faces of the emergency workers and bystanders is still with us. Our thoughts and prayers are with all effected by this sadly avoidable event. It's a reminder that this could happen to any of us.

August 11th 'Only This World'

"act well your own part..." Alexander Pope

August 6th This one's for Jon :-)

Sahara 'This is the end'

"This is the end, Of the show,
But my friend, It's time to go....
We'll say goodbye, To you my friend,
No need to cry, It's just the end....!!"

August 6th 'Lets Try Peace'

August 4th Happy O'Birthday!!! :)

July 30th International Day of Friendship!! :-)

'There is this place I go'

"There is this place I go, there are these folks I know,

They make you feel so good...."

July 24th Sahara

We All


July 20th Only This Blue Marble - Home! 'Only This World'

July 18th Mandela Day

Sahara 'Make My Day' "people everywhere, let's make this world a better place to share"

July 14th Sahara  'A New Beginning'  "and hope fills the air"

July 4th 2015

'Everytime I See Your Face'

29 Beautiful Years!!

Happy Anniversary Trish xxx <3

1st July 2015

Happy Birthday to my Darling Husband Dave!!

In all our years together we never spent a night apart, only to be seperated by your illness. That first night alone I will never forget. You had to fight for your life and I am so grateful you are still here with me!!

"And I need you, need you in my arms,

To feel you, feel you in my arms..."

26 June 2015 We've witnessed the work of hatred sadly too often - Today another reason to celebrate the power of Love <3!!!

'You're My Lover'

June 26 #World Drug Day

Sahara 'No Money For The Ride Home'

June 23rd Sahara 'We All Believe'

June 20th 'World Refugee Day'

Sahara 'Save A Little Love'

"Not much hope or love to keep the soul alive,

So few really care if they survive.....

Save a little love in your heart for them"

June 17th World Day to combat Desertification and Drought

Sahara 'Only This World'

June 16th Happy Bloomsday!!

In honour of Bloomsday, Sahara's original instrumental 'Eblana'

June 12th World against child labour Day

'Make My Day'

"Children of today, are the future in everyway"

June 9th 2015 Farewell Aunty Muriel, thank you for all your love xx

You did 'Live Every Day' for 93 years including the hard ones!!

June 7th Sahara 'The Stranger'

"For oft the book is judged by cover, the depth within is what we must discover"

June 5th World Environment Day 2015

June 3rd 2015 Aunty Muriel Rest In Peace

Muriel (Nolan Reid) from Oakwood Co. Wicklow to the city of churches Adelaide. Part of her heart always remained in Ireland.

This is for you Muriel.

My aunt who was very dear to both of us had a stroke yesterday and passed away overnight. So much understanding, so many laughs - Trish and I really miss you xxx

May 30th Sahara 'Only This World'

May 29th 2015 International Day of UN Peacekeepers

Sahara 'Let's Try Peace'

May 20th 'A New Beginning'

"the healing begun..."

May 19th World IBD Day

"But I still live in hope, even when it's hard to cope "

'A Love So Powerful'

May 13th 2015 Derek Davis R.I.P

So sad to hear the news of the sudden passing of Derek Davis.

Thank you Derek for giving two young musicians a chance by having us on your show 'Davis at Large' in January 1985. We've never forgotten your warmth, kindness and sincere words of encouragement.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

May 5th Sahara 'Vision'

May 2nd 2015  'Everytime I See Your Face'

"Morning comes, sun starts to shine

Warming our hearts, everythings fine, everythings fine.

Everytime I see your face,

Our hearts entwine in a warm embrace...."

April 27th Sahara 'Cry For Help'

April 27th "But the chief and worst pain may not be in the bodily suffering but in one's knowing for certain that in an hour, and then in ten minutes, and then in half a minute, and then now, at the very moment, the soul will leave the body and that one will cease to be a man and that that's bound to happen; the worst part of it is that it's certain....who can tell whether human nature is able to bear this without madness? Perhaps there is some man who has been sentenced to death, been exposed to this torture and has then been told "you can go, you are pardoned." Perhaps such a man can tell us." quote taken from 'The Idiot' by Fyodor Dostoevsky (the author faced the firing squad himself and was pardoned at the last minute)

April 25th At the Anzac Commemoration Service Rosebud Cenotaph this morning - very touching service.

April 25th 2015 Anzac Centenary 

April 24th First Anniversary of Sahara's 'See all that's before me' CD!!

April 22nd Earth Day 2015 Sahara - 'Only This World'

"there's only this world for us to share"

April 19th 'Save A Little Love'

"Save a little love in your heart for them,

Save a little love in your heart,

Save a little love in your heart for them,

'Cause they're so alone, so alone"

Dedicated to the homeless and refugess worldwide.

April 5th 'A New Beginning'

"Light fills the darkness

Dispelling despair,

Sound fills the silence

And hope fills the air..."

April 5th Happy Easter!!!:-) xxx

(end of daylight takes an hour off to unwind!)

April 3rd 'Good Friday'

March 31st Remembering my sister Denise xx

  'Send A Light To Guide Me'

March 27th Can't believe this week marks a year since we released our environmental rock single 'Only This World'

(an 'earthly' year passes quickly !!) :-)

March 21st World Poetry Day

Sahara 'Celtic Love Poem' (Live @ The Malthouse CD)

March 20th 'Happy International Day Of Happiness'

"Together we'll have a good time, together let's dance to the music"

'Make My Day'!!

March 18th been celebrating.....

March 17th 2015

Wherever you are, have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 8th  'Happy International Women's Day'

Proud to say Trish and I have always been equal in everything we do with 'Sahara' and it's been that way from the beginning. I have never understood gender inequality. Dave

As a female musician/writer I met my fair share of sexual discrimination over the years. However thankfully with Dave that has never been an issue. Everything with 'Sahara' is truely 50/50. Trish

March 7th 'The Road Less Travelled'

"I took the road less travelled that brought me here,

And now I must continue without any fear"

Feb 20th 'World Social Justice Day' Sahara 'Right The Wrongs'


Feb 20th 2015 Happy Birthday Trish

 "Want To Tell You" that I love you!!

xxx Dave <3

Feb 19th Happy Chinese New Year 2015!!

Feb 14th Happy St. Valentine's Day <3 ....and for all you lovers out there...a little love song 'It Was All For You' from our latest CD.

Feb 11th Nelson Mandela - Paddy O'Byrne link

Feb 7th 'Let's Try Peace' from Sahara 'Vision' CD

Feb 5th 'Live Every Day'

Feb 4th World Cancer Day 2015

Jan 27th 2015 'The Promise'

Jan 26th 'Australia Day' 2015

Jan 20th 'Let's Unite'

"We should be standing up for each other,
We should be standing beside each other
We should be standing behind each other..."

Jan 19th 'A New Beginning'

"And the dreams we dream, have a power of their own"

Jan 17th 'So Special' (this one's for 'The Lady' <3)

Jan 9th 2015 Sahara 'This Isn't Heaven' from 'See all that's before me'

(but we believe there's a stairway...)

Jan 1st 2015 - Happy New Year!!!

*Health-Hope-Happiness-Love for 2015*

Dec 31st From the sublime to the ridiculous....straight from our garden...

'A Christmas Carrot'

Dec 31st Last rose of 2014 - we've had this tea rose for ten years in a container and it has been particularly prolific this year.

Dec 25th Merry Christmas!

Dec 20th Remembering our last trip to Ireland in Dec '93 for Christmas (and yes, it did snow in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains!!:)

Dec 18th 'International Migrant's Day'

'The Road Less Travelled'

Dec 16th Picked these red poppies in our garden this morning.

Dec 14th Rest In Peace Uncle Sean

(Sean Nolan Wicklow 12.12.14)

Dec 12th 'Only This World'

"Why put off to tomorrow

What we should do today,

The future's not ours to borrow

The price too high to pay"

Nov 28th 'Where Angels Rest'

Nov 25th 'The Promise' 'International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls'

Nov 20th  'Want To Tell You'  - another silly love song from our latest CD (and what's wrong with that I ask you? :)

Nov 12th 2014 'Only This World'

Nov 9th 2014 'Make My Day'

"Walls were made to tumble,

Statues made to crumble,

People everywhere,

Let's make this world a better place to share"

Nov 6: 'Living In The Here And Now'..."Thinking in the positive..."

Oct 31: Happy Halloween - not a trick just a real treat - this day 1997 'Make My Day' No.1 in the overall charts on SoundClick!!

Oct 31: "Let's unite in the war on disease" Sahara 'Let's Unite'

Oct 29: We've updated our website - welcome!:-)


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