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24 April 2014

Sahara released their exciting new album

'See all that's before me'

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Welcome to Sahara Music's Online Store and Listening Lounge

Sahara 'A New Beginning' CD

"Sahara brings A New Beginning to the world...The album begins with the über-catchy “Right the Wrongs” (This reviewer’s children were singing the chorus for hours after hearing the song once). The title track perfectly embodies the positive vibe that the album puts out. “The Promise” is a beautiful instrumental played on whistle (or recorder) that could easily fit into a movie soundtrack during the scene when the protagonist arises victorious against all odds. “Renovating My Igloo” adds an interesting electronic/new age twist along with a delightful key change between verses. “Rainy Day at Shady Creek” sounds like a Celtic song that was dropped into a Spaghetti Western (talk about genre-bending)!…The musicianship is top notch and their voices mesh together well... This may not be the album for those who like their Irish/Celtic music more traditional. But for those who enjoy their Celtic music wrapped up in a perky, jazzy package, “A New Beginning” will do the trick." Jason Hohl 67 Music

“There are hints of smooth jazz, pop rock and Celtic. In terms of instrumental delivery, I’d say hands down to both of them. Their years performing on stage and recording the way they want their albums to sound, ripened and made their music intoxicating like fine wine…Sweetness, pain, laughter: these are emotions that surround A New Beginning. ” The Celtic Music Fan

"I found them totally uplifting and beautiful. The production is superb. A must have for those who love genre bending music that exudes warmth and elegance“. Baxter Labatos The Celtic Music Fan Philippines

“Great music”  John Sweeney Owner Social Network Radio Station USA


Right The Wrongs “Beautiful - Like it” Tom Lambert 'The Independent Music Show' Northern Ireland

"They've got a fantastic album....great voices aren't they....fantastic!" 'The Irish Connection with John Lowry' WFM UK

“I think you’ll find especially musically, they are absolutely stunning. I think they always have been and their voices sort of blend absolutely beautifully”...“it’s one of those albums that you can revisit time and time again”.Mark William’s ‘New Traditions’ The Bridge 102.5 UK

"Your music is beautiful" Mae 'Music Uncovered' KLAV 1230 Las Vegas  USA


Sahara's 'Live @ The Malthouse' CD

The 'Malthouse' CD was recorded live at the concert in the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne that was filmed for webcast. This concert has been webcast on the CelticTV USA on several occasions due to it's popularity which has led to the release of this CD which has received critical acclaim.

"a fervently Irish flavour but the soulfulness is universal" West Australian

"There are a few moments when the softer edged rock comes out, none more exceptional than the opener 'No Man's Land' which is a great track & well placed at the head of the album, though I'm more partial to the band's more pop/jazz oriented styles, such as 'You're My Lover' & 'Higher Than High'..." hEARd Emag

“...Dave's rock vocals are tremendous...the sax playing is to die for and if this album doesn't get your feet tapping you must be stone deaf or dead..."


"Their music, a folk/jazz/pop hybrid, is mature, professional, and reaches across a broad audience on an international level..." HotBands USA

Sahara 'Vision' CD

The success of 'Vision' includes two No.1 hits on the First Internet Charts. The track ‘Tears’ - an original celtic instrumental was featured in an ABC TV documentary, which won the United Nations Media Award,  'Make My Day' shot up to No.1 for 4 weeks on the First Internet Charts and 'Ordinary Day' also went to No.1.

"their inspirational music, a tidy blend of folk, rock and soul is a celebration of hope, dreams and love" The Age

"Bright optimism jumps right out of this disc" Adelaide Advertiser. "A unique blend of rock, folk, jazz and classical make vision a must for Irish music lovers" The Advertiser.

"this album is one worth adding to your collection" The Border Mail.

“Sahara is what I call "organic music", with earthly aural tones of honesty, beauty, driving a very Celtic feel within all tunes on Vision. Dave has an almost eerie "Sting" feel to his vocals, whilst Trish's singing is very akin to the very popular and respected Ellen Foley. This is a great CD for an empowering efficacious effect with each and every listen.” Late Nite TV USA.

Sahara's 'There is this place I go' CD

This is the fourth CD that Sahara has released.  It’s birth is the long road to healing which is familiar to anyone who has been with someone or who themselves have been visited by ill health. We tend to take our health and abilities for granted but every so often we get reminded of our vulnerabilities and our reliance on others in our hour of need. It is then that we truly realise that we are not on our own. As we go through the process of healing into health and being  musicians we can’t help but continue to write songs. The result is this album which is  an eclectic mix of songs that we hope you enjoy as much as we have enjoyed writing and recording them.

“a hauntingly ethereal, yet melodic and contemporary ambiance. Easy listening overall, yet pop enough to appeal to a wide audience”

67 Music USA

“First class production, and catchy melodies make Sahara's There is this place I go a very pleasant listen… Dave Long's voice shines…. their music is very melodious, and with the already mentioned super clean production, it has a contemporary sort of easy listening sound… Smooth, seamless and satisfying, Sahara's music goes down real easy, like ice cream on a hot summer day”

IndieMusicReview.net  Germany

“There is so much compelling music on this particular CD...to feel the artistry and the passion in this album” “You are drawn in and you can’t do anything else but listen to the completion of the little miracle that’s just happened - that’s ‘Eblana’ from Sahara.” Where Angels Rest “That is a work of art”- “You’ve created a little masterpiece here - this is exquisite”

Hybrid Jazz

“Sahara have a specialty that few artists have, and is to capture the listener being practically overwhelmed by a beautiful set of emotions…if you seek quality, professionalism, experience…all this has a name…Sahara” Angelo Petruzzi CEO Smooth Jazz Radio Channel ITALY

“Sahara are a tight duo originally from Dublin and now based in Australia. Their mellow, Celtic sound is chilled and atmospheric.” Nick Thomas Radio Presenter Radio Jackie UK

"They've got a brilliant album out called 'There is this place I go'" Tom Lambert The Independent Music Show NORTHERN IRELAND

"The title track from their CD 'There is this place I go, it's fantastic!"

Chris Duval owner of Splash Radio UK


Quotes from radio fans: There is this place I go CD There is an open airiness to your music that I find really beautiful” There is this place I go ”Great tune!Beautiful sound!I love it!!!This is the story “Super!”, “Great work and nice voices”,“Great story, very dreamy, again excellent production!”, “Great Well Written Song”I'd Like to dance all night “Beautiful sound:)” Eblana  “Full of expression and feeling. Well arranged with simplicity, positive "vibed" and beautiful melody”, “There is such an uplifting beauty to this song. Timeless.”,,“ elegantly beautiful... intrinsically euphoric... like a slow & leisurely soul-catching march down the memorable & venerable antiqueness, indelible lanes of time. It's an absolute must for me to return here to Sahara like a nomad and listen to more...” The Road Less Travelled “great instrumentation . Nice flute intro, good vacal performance and backing vocals”. No Money For The Ride Home ”I'm loving this country?rock feel! Very captivating!” Has It Ever Been Any Different Before  “Great vibe with excellent production!” Where Angels Rest “Beaultiful song and very well played! I love it!”


Sahara Rock Single

'Only This World'

Sahara 'See all that's before me' CD

2014 is a landmark year for Trish and Dave Long and Sahara. It marks thirty years of song-writing and performing together and as part of their celebration they are releasing their sixth album called ‘See all that’s before me’.

This album is being released on April 24th which was the Tuesday after Easter in 1984 and  according to Trish’s little red diary is the day that she returned to work after an eight week absence and literally bumped into Dave in the main foyer of the bank. They had only met on one previous occasion in 1982 at a music session in Furlong’s rehearsal studios Dublin. It wasn’t long before they started to write music together and haven’t stopped since with hundreds of songs and compositions to their name.

Once again this album is eclectic in nature - jazz, cajun, funky, rock and ballads. The songs were written in 2009 - 2010 and meant for an earlier release having started the recording in 2010. All plans were put on hold when Dave had an emergency operation in July 2010 followed by more surgeries up until the end of 2012. The last op has left him in a longer than expected recovery period.

Sahara re-recorded 'See all that's before me' in 2012 and 2013 and decided to hold off it's release to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a songwriting duo in 2014.

The album title is part of a line from one of the songs called ‘I can’t see the horizon’. The full line reads “see all that’s before me, the past is left behind”.