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Muse Chronicle (India) Sahara CyberStars 'Modern Life' shines light on modern issues

"Blending modern issues with a nostalgic feel, Sahara CyberStars creates a track that is both touching and thought-provoking.Encouraging the listeners to just think about the actual cost of our fast forwarded lives, this song offers a timeless musical break off it. Not just being a track which is perfect for anyone looking for comfort in music but also being a song that addresses today’s challenges."
Sahara Music | 08 Jun 2024

Allen Peterson Reviews (UK) Irish Songbirds Take Flight: Sahara CyberStars Reflect on Modern Mayhem in “Modern Life”

Quote from Allen Peterson Reviews (UK)
“It’s a poignant commentary on the feeling of being stuck, chasing a dream that seems perpetually out of reach—a sentiment that resonates deeply in an age of rising inequality... The refrain, “Yesterday was not so fast,” echoes with a melancholic longing for a slower pace, a time when connection and community thrived. It’s a sentiment many listeners can relate to—a yearning for a simpler time when human connection mattered more than material possessions...“Modern Life” transcends mere criticism; it’s a poignant reminder. It lingers long after the last note fades, forcing us to confront the frenetic pace of the world and question the true value of our relentless pursuit of progress. Is it enriching our lives or simply leaving us feeling empty? It’s a call to slow down, to remember the value of human connection, and perhaps to find a way to reclaim a simpler rhythm amidst the modern chaos. Sahara CyberStars don’t offer easy answers, but they provide a powerful soundtrack for reflection and a nudge toward a more meaningful way of living.”

Sahara Music | 07 Jun 2024
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