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The Further
Review October 26, 2003

Sahara CyberStars’ latest single, ‘Light Shines into a Space,’ transcends the boundaries of time with its unique blend of soft rock. The track offers an original recipe that cradles hearts with soothing guitars, healing rhythms, and a surprising touch of wind instrument. The vocals sing with passion and sincerity, acting as a light in the darkness. The song narrates the powerful message that sometimes, a feeling of love alone can illuminate one’s life—a glimmer of hope amidst challenging times and a dream of a brighter future.
The melodic arrangement are powerful and worthy of the greates, offering a splendid track that the world should discover and share.
‘Light Shines into a Space’ is not merely a song; it’s a poetic journey that encapsulates the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love and hope. It serves as a reminder that, even in the darkest moments, there is always a flicker of light waiting to guide us through.

Roadie Music
Review by Alessandro Iglesias October, 08, 2023

The Sahara CyberStars duo, formed by Dublin-based Dave Long and Trish Long, migrated to the Australian scene and achieved great public and critical visibility through their highly excellent musical endeavors! With a consolidated track record in the face of several releases, we can say without the slightest fear that they have reached the peak of their musical maturity with their most recent endeavor in single format, the emblematic song “Light Shines into a Space”. The introduction of amplified airs in mystery, breaks its cadence to a lyricism endowed with a stealthy soprano sax solo and an absolutely fundamental simple character, where this “dream instrument” is duly “attacked” and by the vocal of masterful proportions: accurate timbres, feeling exasperated, precise doses of emotional and technical eagerness at high levels!

Despite the drama enacted, the pop resplendence is present through the sweeping chorus, one with arena status, catchy and perfect to be shouted at the top of its lungs by an enthusiastic crowd. The poetic verve gives off a message of strength and hope in the face of the “darkness of tortuous times”, making it clear that with love it is possible to overcome all possible problems! It will inevitably raise its name to the most inhospitable corners of the planet possible, the dimension is stratospheric because it is SENSATIONAL!

Review by Eduargocruz October 5, 2023
SAHARA CYBERSTARS – Light Shines into a Space

Today the wind and string instruments create an unorthodox atmosphere, letting us feel the vibe resonating in our minds with a very creative melody, that’s why this time we want to share the shine of an extraordinary band called “ SAHARA CYBERSTARS ”, the ingenious composition that they have recently shared leaves us amazed, its atmosphere is undoubtedly captivating and glorious, wonderfully capturing the vision of its members to denote its essence and formidable musical prowess.  
“ Light Shines into a Space ” It is inspired by the dark moments that overshadow our brightness, therefore, the verses seek that listeners feel the warm ray of light they need to maintain a pleasant day, through friendly sounds we can feel a moment to wander in the space of our solitude and obtain a repairing effect, so we recommend you live this new adventure that presents soft and pleasant chords that will make you enter your best way.

Review by Adrian
Sahara CyberStars - Light Shines into a Space (Indie Rock)

I love it when a song fits my mood like a glove, and as a fan of classic rock music, how could I resist this really successful title: ‘Light Shines into a Space’ is a song by Sahara CyberStars that was released in June and was recently discovered on my radar.
This is a pretty cool guitar track that impresses with a decelerated rhythm and an incredibly expressive voice in focus. At the beginning it introduces a few earthy riffs before the really fantastic saxophone enriches the arrangement with a highly precise playing style and damn good solos and melodic accents. The chorus is also captivating, as are the psychedelic influences that come to light particularly in the second part of ‘Light Shines into a Space’.
A talented Australian group that I don’t think should be missed! Discover Sahara CyberStars’ music on Spotify:
Energy: ★★★★★ | Melody: ★★★★☆ | Production: ★★★★☆ | Arrangement: ★★★★☆ |  

Os Garotos de Liverpool
Review by Linna Santiago
Sahara Cyberstars present a reflective lyricism in ‘Light Shines Into a Space’

Directly from Stawell, Australia, this is a project that appears here in an unprecedented way, with a work revealed on the streaming platforms in June and that we will talk more about below.
Entitled ‘Light Shines into a Space’, this track delivers a classic / soft rock sound to the public, with a striking vocal line and rich instrumentation, having an incredible landscape with its melodies, battery style and even the wind elements that run almost 5 minutes long.
Composed in 2022, amid everything we were going through globally, forcing a lockdown and even a new way of living, the track gives us the great lyrical talent and instrumental performance, with a message that touches our hearts and will certainly be played with different types of listeners.

Artisti Online
28th Sept, 2023
Sahara Cyberstars - "Light Shines into a Space"

The notes of the sax that overlap with a rock ballad of the past create a new dimension that makes everything catchy from the first listening.
We are talking about the single entitled “Light Shines into a Space”, the latest production of the Irish songwriting duo “Sahara CyberStars”, a particular and interesting production that takes us back to sounds reminiscent of the 70s, while still remaining current. La voce graffiante is a lash of energy that accompanies us throughout the song and gives great strength to the whole project.
The Single has been available on all streaming platforms since June 21st, so you have no excuse, run to listen to it!

Music For All Magazine
Review by Amanda Costa Sept 25th, 2023
“Light Shines into a Space” a breathtaking sound that fills us with good sensations

Emanating beams of light that intoxicate and captivate the perception, the single “ Light Shines into a Space ” presents kindness and affection to create a surreal and perfect picture of motivation, enthusiasm and peace.
The talented duo, Dave Long and Trish Long , stand out using the name SAHARA CYBERSTARS, where they can break down barriers and explore the rewarding nuances of sound.
Saxophone, electric guitar, synthesizers and company are used to change the colors of the atmosphere, introducing a nostalgic haze that speaks directly to our understanding of existential mechanisms.
The vocals introduce the intensity of emotions, using words to highlight points in the scene and make us transcend our thoughts.
The lyrics, on the other hand, create a fascinating expression of strength and encouragement, searching for hidden hopes deep within the soul, and bringing them to the surface, thus allowing us to choose to fight and overcome difficulties along the way.
With an epic way of touching us, this work shows determination and respect, for all broken hearts to find the driving force that will guide them towards the good vibrations of the future.
“ Light Shines into a Space ” a delicious composition that fills us with inspiration and affection.

Review by James Kerr Sept 23rd, 2023
Sahara CyberStars – “Light Shines into a Space”

Stawell, Australia-based rock band Sahara CyberStars returns with the new single, “Light Shines into a Space.” Sahara CyberStars is a soft-rock duo consisting of members, Dave and Trish Long, who have been mesmerizing audiences since their debut album, Thinking of You, was released in 1990. Their latest release, “Light Shines into a Space,” is a dream folk-rock hit which takes the listener on a soaring journey with eclectic vocals, bluesy guitars, and groovy bass. Sahara CyberStars’ new single, “Light Shines into a Space,” is a wonderous rock opera and the perfect addition to any easy-listening playlist.

INFO MUSIC REVIEW Sept 17th,  2023
Dive Into Space With SAHARA CYBERSTARS And Their Single “Light Shines Into A Space”

Dive into space with SAHARA CYBERSTARS and their single “Light Shines into a Space”.
This work is available exclusively on the Info Music official website, a musical experience not to be missed.
“Light Shines into a Space” is the latest single from duo Sahara CyberStars, featuring an eclectic rock sound with themes of light and darkness.
This song brings a spirit of optimism between its melodic composition and its passionate singing. There is a lot to absorb. With all the instruments present, the vast repertoire of sounds creates an interesting but confusing catalog of diverse sounds. Sleek guitar kicks off the track, moving through vibrant sounds and warm saxophone accompaniment. Then in a more brilliant flight of sparkling touches. “Light Shines into a Space” is a quality work from Sahara CyberStars. Without further ado, enjoy the present moment with the duo CyberStars, who take you on a musical journey through their eclectic rock universe. Don’t forget that this single is also available on all legal download platforms.

Review by Jessica Marinho Sept 19th , 2023

The audacious Sahara CyberStars project has been increasingly making a mark on the rock scene with very successful releases praised by the specialized media and with great numbers on digital platforms. Continuing the great work, they release “Light Shines into a Space”. During the listening we can tell that Sahara CyberStars believes that the connection of art with everyone subject to it is unique, and the way they strike a chord is so profound to provide strength, solace and empathy, bringing life to all who experience it.
“Light Shines into a Space” is totally captivating with a melody that invites the listener on an incredible journey in a magical sound atmosphere. With this single the duo established themselves as an artist to watch, with music that showcases their dreamy and inimical ideology, along with the relaxing, multifaceted and quirky sound that brings a nostalgic sound atmosphere while exuding a sincere freshness thanks to youthful energy and visionary mind of singer-songwriters Trish and Dave Long.
It was written in 2022 and recorded in 2023 in an era where darkness has cast a shadow in places where light desperately tries to shine. Sometimes a feeling of love is enough to brighten someone’s life, a ray of hope, a dream of better times. In the darkness there is an unfathomable strength when someone stands up against oppression, endures deprivation and only through survival succeeds. Love and dreams will always escape, they are the light that shines in space.
Light Shines into a Space” is a song about hope, a soundtrack for not being quiet and brings a rare musical exoticism from the artist, which goes beyond music, creating an experience that combines different forms of art, proving the unique talent and necessary from this wonderful duo. With an oldschool sound that ranges between alternative rock and southern rock, the single also brings a romantic, light and modern energy with classic tones but which soon changes its atmosphere, bringing an engaging balance. The instrumentation is built with sparkling guitar riffs, guitar lines that give a grand charm, a simple but penetrating percussion line that creates a dreamy, modern and exclusive atmosphere and a wonderful saxophone that makes everything more interesting.
The vocals are the icing on the cake, with soft and dreamy timbres, but also powerful that show their grandeur, which sings in an intimate way and takes the listener on this unforgettable sound journey, transmitting inner peace and encouraging in a soft and captivating way. A well composed and performed song that will captivate the audience and awaken the best feelings.
The song maintains the frequency, taking the listener on an unforgettable sound journey, highlighting the way in which Sahara CyberStars mixed styles and in a peculiar way created a timeless hit, perfect for fans of the style, speaking directly with its instrumental and with the listener. , transmitting different feelings and a mesmerizing and satisfying vibe.

TJPL News Review:
Review by Tamara Jenna September 18, 2023
Sahara CyberStars: Light and Dark Coalesce in “Light Shines into a Space”

An Odyssey of Melodic Resilience and Emotional Fortitude

Sahara CyberStars, the celebrated duo comprised of Dave Long and Trish Long, have been musical explorers ever since they met on the Dublin music scene. They have now set roots in Australia, commanding attention across various media platforms while remaining steadfastly eclectic and original. Their latest single, “Light Shines into a Space,” is a contemplative dive into the dichotomy between light and darkness, love and despair.

A Journey Across Two Continents
Before capturing Australia’s music landscape, Dave and Trish started their journey in Dublin, Ireland. Over the years, they’ve accumulated an impressive discography, including six albums and six singles. Their instrumentals are a rich tapestry; Trish helms vocals, wind instruments, and synth, while Dave brings his resonant lead vocals accompanied by both electric and acoustic guitars and keyboards.

The Profundity Behind “Light Shines into a Space”
Released on June 21, 2023, this single doesn’t shy away from delving into the darker facets of life we’ve recently seen worldwide. It speaks of love as a beacon in the gloom, the power of dreams, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. Its deep resonance lies in its timing, a period when, as they aptly put it, “darkness has cast a shadow in places where light is desperately trying to shine.”

The Melodic Spectrum
With a diverse instrumentation that spans from flutes to electric guitars, the single is a melodic feast. The fusion of alternative, folk, and rock lends the track an indefinable charm. As critics have pointed out, it’s an over-the-top yet grounded composition, rich but not ostentatious. It’s like a painting where every brushstroke matters, yet the sum is even more astounding than its parts.

Captivating Reviews
While RGM Magazine called their music “gloriously over-the-top,” A&R Factory described their sound as “celestially scintillating experimentalism, which bends genres with the grace of an Olympian contortionist.” These reviews affirm the duo’s mastery in walking the fine line between layered complexity and emotional simplicity.

The Power of Lyrics
Lyrically, the song might remind you of bands like Muse, but Sahara CyberStars remain authentic to their own narrative. The lyrics echo resilience and the battle against adversities, making “Light Shines into a Space” more than just a song—it’s a powerful testament of endurance and hope.

“Light Shines into a Space” is not just a new chapter in Sahara CyberStars’ musical voyage; it is an invitation for everyone to find their own light. It is the embodiment of the idea that even in the most confining darkness, there is a sliver of light, if one chooses to see it.

Illustrate Magazine September 18, 2023
Review By: Naomi Joan

Sahara CyberStars unleashes their latest soulful and eclectic release, “Light Shines into a Space,” which seamlessly blends elements of folk, progressive rock, and electronic tunes. This song is a testament to the incredible talent and artistry of the award-winning singer/songwriters Dave Long and Trish Long.

Dave Long’s raspy and soulful vocals take center stage, delivering the song’s heartfelt lyrics with an energetic and passionate force. His zesty voice adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the music. The high backup vocals add a soulful and ethereal quality to the overall sound. These harmonies together enhance the depth and emotional impact of the song.

With Trish, Dave synthesizes the dynamic musical piece. Alone, he brings the folk into the composition with an acoustic guitar. With electric guitar and keyboard, the folk gets its opposition with progressive rock influences introduced.

The song’s rhythm is driven by slow and deliberate drum patterns that provide a steady heartbeat to the music. This deliberate pace deeply explores the song’s emotional landscape, allowing the listener to savor each moment.

The instrumentation in “Light Shines into a Space” has more orchestral dynamism to it with Trish Long’s multi-instrumental talents. She contributes to the piece with her vocals, saxophone, flute, flageolet, recorder, aerophone, and synth. Her saxophone and flute work in particular, add a distinct flavor to the song, creating a rich tapestry of sounds.

The combination of heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and intricate instrumentation creates a musical experience that is both moving and memorable in the vibrant song, “Light Shines into a Space.”

Edgar Allan Poets 'BANDS WE LIKE' Review:
September 18, 2023
Good Day Noir Family,
In an age often characterized by the confines of conformity, Sahara CyberStars emerge as a shimmering beacon of psychedelic wonder with their latest single, “Light Shines into a Space.”
Light Shines into a Space is Sahara CyberStars’ Single Out Now

From the very first notes, their music transports the listener to an era long past, drawing inspiration from the legendary sounds of the 1970s—a time when artistic expression flowed freely and unburdened.
What immediately captivates the senses is the band’s unwavering commitment to their psychedelic style.
It’s a compositional approach that channels the free-spirited ethos of that era, an homage to a time when musicians weren’t afraid to explore the boundaries of sound and self-expression.
“Light Shines into a Space” carries echoes of Ennio Morricone’s evocative compositions, a fascinating touch that adds depth to the song’s sonic landscape.
Sahara CyberStars have crafted a musical limbo, a realm suspended in time that sets them apart from the musical milieu of today.

Their arrangements are lush and intense, painting vivid sonic pictures that captivate the imagination. In certain moments, the music conjures the spirit of David Bowie, a testament to their ability to traverse diverse sonic realms with ease.
With this single, Sahara CyberStars carve a unique niche for themselves, reminding us all that the spirit of musical adventure is alive and well.
Light Shines into a Space is Sahara CyberStars’ Single Out Now!

OBSCURE SOUND Sept 14, 2023
Review By Mike Mineo
Sahara CyberStars – “Light Shines into a Space”
“Light Shines into a Space” is the latest single from the duo Sahara CyberStars, showing an eclectic throwback rock sound with light-against-darkness themes. The project comprises singer/songwriters Dave Long and Trish Long, who met within the Dublin music scene and are now based in Stawell, Australia. The duo have released six albums and six singles so far, and this latest track provides an optimistic spirit amidst melodic songwriting and impassioned vocals.
The power of love and light to prevail, through even the darkest of times, plays with consuming thematic pull. As Sahara CyberStars write: “In darkness there is an unfathomable strength when someone stands up against oppression, endures through deprivation and by survival alone succeeds. Love and dreams will always escape, they are the light that shines into a space.”
A debonair guitar styling kicks off the track, traversing into fluttering acoustics and warming saxophone accompaniments. Lyrics stir in referring to how “nothing stays the same,” and then into a brighter soaring with twinkling keys. “Your back’s against the wall,” the vocals admit, then venturing into a title-touting resonance. “Light Shines into a Space” is a quality piece of songwriting from Sahara CyberStars.

RGM Magazine 8th September 2023
Review by Ben Williams
The bonkers and brilliantly named Sahara CyberStars are more than just a band that sounds like a franchise sports team. The duo is prolific. They met in Dublin, relocated to Australia and have subsequently released six albums, smashing together folk, progressive rock and electronic influences in the process.
They’re a band who will entertain too, as evidenced by their CV containing a song called ‘Renovating My Igloo’. Their latest single is the less interior design oriented, but more whimsically named ‘Light Shines into a Space’.
There’s plenty to take in. With all instruments present barring the kitchen sink, the vast expanse of sounds extends to woodwind and strings, making for a pleasantly varied if muddled catalogue of noises.
It does work though, there’s charm in being this maximal. Sahara CyberStars do well to remain grounded. Things are gloriously over-the-top while managing to avoid any ‘look at me I’m singing about space’ ostentation.
That’s quite an achievement for a song whose lyrics express a camp aeronautical melodrama. With those lyrics including the telling of a character looking into a void, and a reminder that we must remain resolute when our backs are against the wall, you’d be forgiven for thinking Muse had been in the studio again.
Despite the chaos, it’s not comedy, even if Sahara CyberStars do clearly have a sense of humour. The arrangements are luscious, at times overly. However, the grandeur of the colourful procession of instruments is far from novelty.

A&R Factory 21 August 2023
Review by Amelia Vandergast
"After unveiling six LPs and six singles to date, the Dublin-forged, Australia-residing duo Sahara CyberStars, comprising the award-winning singer-songwriters Dave and Trish Long, exhibited how honed their synergistic sound has become in their latest single, Light Shines into a Space.
The duo may have gone down under, but their arcane Irish folk roots still linger at the epicentre of their theatrically inviting sound in Light Shines into a Space, which allows you to imagine how New Model Army’s post-punk musings would unravel with more ornate and orchestral instrumentals infused into their atmospheric stylings.
The deeply original score’s authenticity is only matched by the evocative pull of the release; from the first verse, you’ll be inseparably combined with the celestially scintillating experimentalism, which bends genres with the grace of an Olympian contortionist. Light Shines into a Space is now available to stream on YouTube"

The Age "For singer guitarist Dave Long and singer-saxophonist-flautist  Trish, their inspirational music, a tidy blend of folk, rock and soul  is a celebration of hope, dreams and love.... the duo are now busy  performing the breezy,somewhat Doobie Brothers-ish Make My Day, the  deeply atmospheric Vision of Glory and sprightly Lets Try Peace at  various venues.... Sahara maintain an occasional New Age sense of awe  through the use of synth and wind instruments and a healthy litany of  enthusiastic calls and responses between the spirited singers" Rating: 3.5 Stars
Late Nite TV USA “Dave and Trish from Sahara originated from Dublin but now call  Australia home enlightening Aussies with a special brand of music taking  inspiration from both music within the Northern and the Southern  hemispheres. Sahara is what I call "organic music", with earthly aural  tones of honesty, beauty, driving a very Celtic feel within all tunes on  Vision. Dave has an almost eerie "Sting" feel to his vocals, whilst  Trish's singing is very akin to the very popular and respected Ellen  Foley. This is a great CD for an empowering efficacious effect with each  and every listen.” Reviewer: Melanie Score:3.5 Stars
The Border Mail "Sahara's album is a good example of music with meaning. Each song has  been carefully crafted to convey a message. From the uptempo beat of  "Make My Day" to the melody of "Save A Little Love", this album is one  worth adding to your collection."
The Advertiser Adelaide " Bright optimism jumps right out of this disc Make my Day and while the  heritage is Irish through and through, the vocal harmonies of Melbourne  vocalist - guitarist Dave Long and partner in life Trish do more than make you want to tear the tin off a Guinness. The Floyd -  esque Vision Of Glory is an emotive, haunting refrain from the jumping  main vein, which relies on a high vibe, even with uncool rock  instruments like flute and tin whistle (sorry, Trish)...The bounding,  punchy percussive element in Party Time shows the kind of groovin'  diversity..."
The Planet Newspaper "Originally from Ireland Sahara began producing Vision around five  years ago. The result is an album rich in a variety of musical genres,  ranging from soulful ballads like "I Found you", a love ballad that is  sure to be a favorite for swooning lovers, to jazz influenced tunes like  "We All Believe" and "Are You?" For disco fans, there is even a groovy  disco tune, "Partytime", that will take you back to the 70's dance  floor. Of course this CD would not be complete without an Irish Tune and  Sahara indulges our senses with "Tears", one of the highlights of the  album. It is a soft, murmuring instrumental that will take you to far  away Celtic lands. Overall the final result is certainly worth listening  to...."

The Crack "The  debut CD from this Dublin duo is an eclectic mix of styles and describe the musical style would be a task in itself but to  this musical ear it falls somewhere between funk and folksy jazz, if you  get my drift...the flute and sax playing of Trish adds an interesting  almost dimension to the sound and coupled with Dave's rock/pop vocal  range only adds to the charm of this debut CD... all in all a fine  debut".
The West Australian "These songs by Melbourne-based  duo Sahara would sound quite spectacular with the full treatment from  some of the world's biggest names. So Special has a spontaneous flow  that's suited to the Band. The storylines often lend themselves to  alternate voices which is Sahara's major strength. Whether it's Dave's  lead on the sensuous You're My Lover or Trish's breathy whisper on  Celtic Love Poem the atmospheres are subtly different. The lyrical  definition of the acoustic guitar, the recorder and the tin whistle  serve a fervently Irish flavour but the soulfulness is universal" (TR) Rating: 3.5 Stars
Leader Newspaper Group "An interesting mix of music...from songs brimming with energy and  passionate vocals to touching instrumentals such as the celtic "Tears, A  unique blend of rock, folk, jazz and classical make "Vision" a must for  Irish music lovers"
IndieMusicReview "First class production, and catchy melodies make Sahara's There is  this place I go a very pleasant listen. Singer/Songwriter Dave Long's  voice shines, reminding one of the Simple Mind's Jim Kerr. In fact, the  whole sound of the CD is rather similar to the 1980's sound of that  Scottish group. This is perhaps not just a coincidence, as Sahara's  members Dave and Trish Long, have been playing together since 1984; and  hailing from Dublin, they also have Celtic roots. The duo plays a  variety of instruments including human voice, flageolet, guitar, sax,  flute, recorder and electronic sequencing. Their music is very  melodious, and with the already mentioned super clean production, it has  a contemporary sort of easy listening sound. Somewhat different than  the Simple Minds, the album has 2 rather slower numbers, with more of a  folk music character. The lyrics have a metaphysical / devotional aspect  to them, with the particular motive of the songwriting on this album  being “the long road to healing”. Smooth, seamless and satisfying,  Sahara's music goes down real easy, like ice cream on a hot summer day" reviewed by Gary Levinson from Germany
hEARd Australia  "This is an exceptionally diverse collection of songs from Victorian  based duo Sahara, consisting of Irish natives Trish & Dave, who have  concocted a wildly varying array of tunes, running from the more  traditional soft rock to a near-folk style which has a surprising  effect. The pair have already garnered themselves some excellent work  behind them & the recording found on this CD was recorded live at  the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. There are a few moments when the  softer edged rock comes out, none more exceptional than the opener "No  Man's Land", which is a great track & well placed at the head of the  album, though I'm more partial to the band's more pop/jazz oriented  styles, such as "You're My Lover" & "Higher Than High", while my  real pick is the very unusual flavour of "Celtic Love Poem", as the  title suggests, a real folk/celtic sort of influence. I'd certainly be  checking this band out as soon as possible. They already have a pretty  decent profile as far as having one prior release & some serious  press & media engagements behind them. Well worth your while,  providing a number of diverse styles to whet your aural appetite."
Irish Bands Live UK  "Out of OZ come two exceptional musicians with a mixture of  contemporary /jazzy /Rock /folk / sound, which leaves you tingling with  anticipation of what the next track will bring. Trish plays alto and  soprano sax, recorder and tin whistle plus vocals. Dave plays guitar and  keyboard plus vocals. NO MANS LAND This has a sound between Rock &  Jazz with a good beat that wouldn't go amiss at a rock concert in Hyde  Park. SO SPECIAL A love ballad superbly performed, so put on the  headphones you won't want to be disturbed. Close your eyes, lay back,  and listen to the superb mellow sound of the Sax and when its finished  hit the button and play it all over again. These guys have really got  their act together Dave's rock vocals are tremendous with Trish's sexy  jazzy voice combines to give this album a superb vocal line which  pleases the ear and sooths the mind. This all adds to the exceptional  instrumental talents, which are shown throughout the album. The sax  playing is to die for and if this album doesn't get your feet tapping  you must be stone deaf or dead. Credit for this album should also go to  the sound engineer Mark Barry of B.S Sounds who has made a live album  sound like a studio production. Dave & Trish also wrote the lyrics  and music to this album so keep an eye out for future releases".

The Edge Bendigo "Sometimes  the best things come along when you least expect it. The spontaneous  live feel of the CD is an asset and the duo's range which skims jazz,  pop, ballads and Celtic ensures a wide listening variety. The depth of  sound is impressive, particularly when you realise it is the work of  just two people. Tracks include the jazzy Deja Vu, the Celtic ballad  Celtic Love Poem, and an ode to the Irish pair's adopted home city,  called Livin' in Melbourne."
Mark Williams 'New Traditions' The Bridge 102.5UK That’s ‘Live Every Day’ from ‘Sahara’ from their latest album ‘A New  Beginning’. Now regular listeners to ‘The Afternoon Show’ and also to  ‘New Traditions’ will know that we’re big fans of ‘Sahara’. A two piece  band, Trish and Dave Long, and they write all their own material and  this album ‘A New Beginning’ is their latest and I would say their  absolute best. They’ve relocated to Australia, and one of the things  that’s happened with their traditional sort of celtic tinge to their  music is they’ve taken on board some of the, I think some of the  Australian experience is seeping in to their music and I have to say  check this album out - it’s a stunner! It’s called ‘A New  Beginning’ and go and have a look at ‘Sahara’, check out their website,  google them, listen to them, because I think you’ll find especially,  musically they are absolutely stunning. They always have been. And their  voices sort of blend absolutely beautifully. But also, I think  lyrically, this is a step up and it really is something that we would  advise you to have a listen to because they just sort of suck you in and  it’s one of those albums that you can revisit time and time again.  We’re gonna play a track off the album called ‘Sweetest Things’, and one  of the reasons for that is cause it’s a personal favourite of mine -  this is ‘Sahara’.” “Cracking stuff that’s ‘Sahara’ and ‘Sweetest  Things’, as I say off their new album ‘A New Beginning’ and check out  the album, google them, find out about them, and I think your gonna  enjoy them. You’ll hear them more and more on ‘New Traditions’- we like them a lot.” (transcribed from radio broadcast)
Jason Hohl of 67 Music USA  Sahara brings A New Beginning to the world “A New Beginning” is the  latest release by Dave and Trish Long, a duo originally from Ireland who  now reside in Australia. The album is a genre-bending amalgam of  styles, borrowing from jazz, pop, folk, and Celtic. They describe it on  their website as “a marriage of sounds and influences between the  Northern and Southern hemispheres, ‘the mist meeting the haze’”. The  lyrics are positively uplifting and seemingly personal, not unexpected  for a duo that have been together for a few decades.The album begins  with the über-catchy “Right the Wrongs” (This reviewer’s children  were singing the chorus for hours after hearing the song once). The  title track perfectly embodies the positive vibe that the album puts  out. “The Promise” is a beautiful instrumental played on whistle (or  recorder) that could easily fit into a movie soundtrack during the scene  when the protagonist arises victorious against all odds. “Renovating My  Igloo” adds an interesting electronic/new age twist along with a  delightful key change between verses. “Rainy Day at Shady Creek” sounds  like a Celtic song that was dropped into a Spaghetti Western (talk about  genre-bending)!The album was completely written, played and  recorded by Dave and Trish and it’s done very well. The musicianship is  top notch and their voices mesh together well. The instruments on the  album include guitar, sax, whistle, flageolet, recorder and keyboards.  This may not be the album for those who like their Irish/Celtic music  more traditional. But for those who enjoy their Celtic music wrapped up  in a perky, jazzy package, “A New Beginning” will do the trick.
The Celtic Music Fan "Fans  of Bruce Hornsby, Van Morrison and Marc Cohn will certainly welcome  Sahara’s A New Beginning with open arms. The duo of Trish and Dave long  incorporate a broader spectrum of musical styles. There are hints of  smooth jazz, pop rock and Celtic. In terms of instrumental delivery, I’d  say hands down to both of them. Their years performing on stage and  recording the way they want their albums to sound, ripened and made  their music intoxicating like fine wine. It is the confidence brought  about by the test of time, elements and LIFE that we all go through.  There are certainly events that shake us rendering us incapable of  moving. But it is the call of artistic desire that always brings us into  a sense of purpose. This optimistic thought is present all over the  album’s 10 tracks. Sweetness, pain, laughter: these are emotions that  surround A New Beginning. There are other atmospheric surprises like The  Promise which possesses a definitive Celtic sound. The vocal layering  and melody lean into Clannad and Loreena McKennitt. Other titles like  Right the Wrongs and A New Beginning are songs that anyone who has gone  through tough times can relate to. The Sweetest Thing, track four,  delivers the “get into the Irish pub” kind of sentiment. It has that  relaxed atmosphere of being with someone you loved through the years. It  says that you don’t have to hide anything because you can be who you  are with the right person. Let’s Unite affirms the belief that we can  all get through our differences if we realize our similarities. I  reflected on this and also remember all the natural disasters like  earthquakes, famine, disease and poverty. We aren’t invincible. So why  should we fight each other when nature is already fighting us and  diminishing our numbers? Must we also contribute to the pain? The song  has that Irish marching beat. It Could be True is an example of someone  continuing to “court” a beloved through the years in the relationship. I  think it is telling us that winning someone’s heart doesn’t stop after  marriage. It continues and there is never a morning when you wake up  with a sense of wonderment and challenge to continue loving against all  odds. The nice sound of the recorder glides throughout like a  nightingale. Renovating my Igloo is groovy. Fans of Talking Heads can  relate to the 80’s New Wave style. Another tribute to being with someone  through thick and thin and also the idea that nothing is constant but  change. But love the a unifying and constant force. Is it only Me has a  rocking feel. Both vocal and instrumental arrangement set the example of  musical excellence. Rainy Day At Shady Creek explores the world of Jazz  and Bluegrass. It sounds like traditional Irish music gone crazy. I  love it though. Such a nice ending for this album that needs repeated listens".
Stuarte Amazon UK “A  worthy addition to almost any collection, Warm, rich, easy to listen to  with shades of jazz, blues, soul, gospel, rock all there. I heard the  title track and just clicked with it and wasn't disappointed with the  rest of the album. Great voices and harmonies, fabulous sax. What's not  to like?”
67 Music “Coming to us from Dublin (by way of Australia) are Husband and Wife  Duo Dave and Trish Long aka “Sahara”, with their fourth release entitled  “There is This Place I Go”. Consisting of all-original  compositions, “Place” is a collection of ten songs that possess a  hauntingly ethereal, yet melodic and contemporary ambiance. Easy  listening overall, yet pop enough to appeal to a wide audience, the  instrumentation from Trish's sax, flute, recorder and synths blend  seamlessly with Dave's vocals, guitars and subtle drum tracks and have  elements of folk, pop, rock and some Celtic flavor all blended together,  offering very smooth songwriting and polished production values. Take a  listen and buy their music at their official website” Review by  SláinteSteve for 67 Music USA
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